Chakra Balancing

A form of energy healing using the combination of crystals and the focus of channelling energy into the seven chakras.

Chakra balancing is a relaxing holistic treatment where the combination of crystals, intuition and natural energy flow creating balance within the bodies energy system. Crystals are placed either on or beside the 7 main Chakras of the body. The Crystals natural energy works in harmony with your energy, enabling self-healing, cleansing and balancing of the Chakras.  

Chakras can become blocked when we are stressed, worried or anxious, preventing the energy from flowing freely in and out of our bodies energy system.  When Chakras are blocked it effects us mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually creating illness, disease, pain, addiction and other trauma.

Benefits of Chakra Balancing include:

  • Relaxation

  • Faster ability to heal

  • Greater awareness of emotions 

  • Increased memory and concentration

  • Balance of mind, body & soul

  • Deeper connection with your divine

  • Chakra Alignment



Fees & Sessions
Chakra Balancing (1hr session includes consultation & discussion)          £25.00
Available at The School of Mindful Healing or Mobile.
You can book by messaging or calling us directly via our contact page  T&Cs apply.