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Chakra Balancing

Our Chakra Balancing course is designed for those who are looking to learn and incorporate Crystals, meditation and a pendulum into a treatment. 


This course introduces the respectful use of a pendulum, working through the seven main Chakras and understanding how to use and place a set of corresponding Crystals onto the Chakras to create balance and alignment. You will then learn the basic understanding of meditation and how to incorporate a Chakra guided meditation using the toning of your voice. 

Crystals have a stable energy, and when placing them on the body helps bring harmony and stability to the Chakras. The meditation brings further intent for the whole Chakra Balancing process. 

You will learn:






Treatment Preparation

Carrying our a Treatment


​​This course is available In-person at The School of Mindful Healing, Sidcup, Kent. 


On completion you will receive an IPHM Accredited certificate. Your certificate is recognised and can be insured through IPHM (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine)

Session & Fee

Course Fee: £150.00

10% Off for Be Present Members

A £50 deposit is required. 

Book via Contact Page

Your booking will be confirmed once payment has been made.

Time: 10am - 2pm

Please bring your own lunch.

T&Cs Apply
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