Family Crystal Workshop

Our family Crystal Workshop encourages the use of crystals and learn about their properties. We look at the crystals and their association to certain energy centres on the body that can help with our wellbeing.  Both adults and children are generally attracted to crystals due to their shape and colour, unaware of their positive benefits and how they can actually support them when used correctly.

Children’s energy is less restricted than adults making it easier for them to absorb information and energy that is given to them. They have no or little expectation or resistance to the energy in which they can easily absorb from crystals.  


This workshop is aimed for children and adults who have an interest in crystals. You will receive a basic starter Chakra stone set to use and keep. 

The session finishes with a gentle guided meditation. 

A child under the age of 16 years old requires parent/carer consent. 

The session is run for 45 minutes 

Sessions & Fees
£15.00 per person

​Available in-person at The School of Mindful Healing , Sidcup, Kent.
45 minutes
Parent/Carer consent is required. A child must be accompanied by a responsible adult. 

Book your appointment by filling out a contact form via our contact page Once you have booked your appointment, please pay via the PayPal button or asking for details to pay by bacs.
We ask that cancellations are made 48hrs prior to your booked appointment with respect to someone else requiring a service or materials being purchased.
The School of Mindful Healing
The School of Mindful Healing