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Reiki Sound Meditation

What is Reiki Sound Meditation?

Relax and unwind as you experience a journey of sound, absorbing the vibrational frequencies of the sound waves from each instrument as they flow and move through and around your body. Using a shamanic drum, Reiki is channeled through it's vibration to areas of the body releasing any blockages. 


The vibrational frequency of the sound waves work in harmony with your own vibrational frequency. This can create shifts and alter the structure of matter within the body influencing a new vibration to bring our layers of energy back into balance and alignment. The experience you may feel is a highly relaxed state of consciousness (alpha/theta state). It is when you are in this relaxed state your inner healing will begin to work and take effect.

A beautiful selection of instruments are used to give an experience of high and low frequency sounds, with each instrument having its own benefit. Instruments include:
Shamanic drum
Tibetan Bowls
Crystal bowl

What are the benefits?
Reduces stress
Improves sleep
Removes blockages and toxins
Strengthens the immune system
Stimulates circulation
Increases a positive flow of energy
Balances both hemispheres of the brain
Spiritual connection
Creates calmness and relaxation
Sessions are available one to one, in pairs or in a group. 
Group sessions are ideal for corporate events or special occasions. You may want to just simply share the experience with a friend.
If you prefer, you can come along to our Monday evening community session held at Falconwood Community Centre in Welling.  
One to one and paired sessions are available for women only at The School of mindful Healing and designed on a more personal basis. 

You will need 
yoga mat, blanket/s, pillow and water. 

Please feel free to bring any crystals for cleansing and charging.
Sessions & Fees

£30.00 (60mins)      
One to one session held at: 
The School of Mindful Healing, Sidcup, Kent

£15.00pp (60mins)   
Pairs held at: The School of mindful Healing, Sidcup, Kent.

Group minimum 5 people held at:
Your own space

Community Group at:
Falconwood Community Centre, Welling DA16 2PG

Corporate event - please contact for details and pricing.

Book your appointment by filling out the contact form via our contact page  Once your appointment has been confirmed , please pay via Sumup or ask for details to pay by bacs.
We ask that cancellations are made 48hrs prior to your booked appointment with respect to someone else requiring a service or materials being purchased.
Disclaimer please read before booking - Because the use of singing bowls, a gong and a drum are used, if you are pregnant, have any metal surgical implants, pace maker, defibrillator, sever mental health issues or epilepsy, this treatment is not suitable. We are not responsible for any personal injury or other loss arising from the use of the instruments and sound healing. If you feel you have any of the above contraindications listed, please inform us on your booking. I have read and understood the information provided to me and hereby release The School of mindful Healing from any liability, negligence or other claims arising from it in any way. 
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