Therapy Journaling

Therapy Journaling, also know as writing therapy, is a therapeutic way of expressing thoughts, inspirations, goals, feelings and emotions through writing in a journal.

This four week therapeutic journaling programme, guides you through a time where you feel you need support expressing your deepest feelings, emotions, ideas, goals, gratitude or inspirations. Each week we will work on your one area of need. This is determined by a consultation and questionnaire taken prior to the programme starting. You will learn how to journal using tools with a method that works for you.

The first session (week 1) runs for two hours, as we will cover the basics of journaling and tools to use, it's benefits and a journaling method. The following three sessions are one hour long focusing on understanding, reflection and planning. 

The primary aim of journaling was and still is to supplement and support a medical professional treatment for emotional and physical problems, trauma recovery, relationship challenges, grief, addiction, anxiety and other illnesses.

Journaling has now expanded on its uses, and has proven effective for so many different conditions, challenges and mental health issues, these can include:

  • Writing to heal/wellbeing

  • Manage stress, anxiety and depression

  • Creativity, writers block

  • Careers and jobs

  • Gratitude/Affirmations

  • Eating disorders

  • Grief & loss

  • OCD

  • Post-traumatic stress

  • Addictions

  • Issues with communication

  • Exams

  • Low self-esteem


Writing in a journal reaches further and deeper within, becoming a helpful tool with therapeutic benefits and positive outcomes. If writing is not for you, there are other ways to journal and express your thoughts, feelings and emotions, this can be discussed in your consultation. 

Benefits of Journaling include:

  • Reduces stress, anxiety, depression 

  • Regulates emotions

  • Supporting your mental health

  • Boosts working memory 

  • Encourages self-confidence

  • Improves overall wellbeing 

  • Develops emotional intelligence

  • Enhances personal empowerment

  • Encourages mindfulness

  • Strengthens self-discipline 

  • Improves communication skills 

  • Encourages creativeness 


Contact us for a free consultation and see how Therapy Journaling can support you. 

Sessions & Fees
 This programme is available 1:1 In person or Online live via Zoom. 
A £50 non refundable deposit is required on booking. You can book by messaging us directly via our contact page. You will receive an invoice regarding ways to pay.  A payment plan is available, please ask for details. T&Cs apply.