Wellbeing Day Retreats

Wellbeing Day Retreat - Saturday 4th March 2023
Hurst Place, Hurst Road, Bexley DA5 3HL

Experience a day of relaxation and rejuvenation with activities and workshops to nurture your wellbeing. The day takes you away from those regular daily activities, filling your soul with love, light and healing. It is a safe space for women to gather and connect their Divine energies with no judgement, only kindness.  

What Is Included On The Day

Gentle morning yoga stretch
Women's circle
Creative art
End of day Reiki Sound Meditation 

Retreat fee £99

All activities, accessories, and workshops are included along with refreshments, appetisers and a lunch buffet.

Our aim is to support women through mindfulness and spiritual wellbeing.

Please Note - Because the use of singing bowls and a drum are used, if you are pregnant, have any metal surgical implants, pace maker, defibrillator, sever mental health issues or epilepsy, this treatment is not suitable. You are welcome to sit this part out if you would still like to participate with the rest of the days activities. 

October 2022

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