Meditation is a beautiful & effective way of enhancing calm and balance for your overall wellbeing . With practice, meditation begins a process of training the mind to bring a focus of awareness to any present given moment. The practice of meditation has been used for many years and has shown there are many benefits from it's practice, these include:


  • Relaxation

  • Improved memory

  • Increased positive emotions

  • Decreased pain

  • Decreased stress, anxiety & depression

  • Improved creative ability

  • Increased focus & attention

  • Increased immune function

  • Spiritual development


Guided meditations are great for beginners and can be more comforting. The meditations used have a deeper connection to support you mindfully and spiritually. 

Bringing your awareness to your breath, we will visualise the beauty of a guided meditation, mindfully or spiritually, accepting what is and embracing what becomes. 

One to one meditation sessions are based on your individual need. A consultation will take place prior to the session to discuss whether you are looking for a more mindful or spiritual focus, maybe both. Everyone's needs are different, so we are mindful and respectful of how we can support you. 

Group sessions are available on set days by The School of Mindful Healing or choose your own group of friends to hold a session with. 

Mindful Meditation

A focus of awareness of breath, followed by a guided mindful meditation. Ideal for beginners to meditation, learning to connect with your breath and following a simple guided meditation.  

Pregnancy Meditation

A focus on long deep breathing, followed by a guided body scan meditation, releasing tension in areas of the body during your pregnancy. Soften the tightness in the lower back and focus on relaxing the whole body. 

Children's Meditation (7yrs - 15yrs)

A focus on recognising breathing points on the body and how they can cause an affect from how we are feeling. This is followed by a guided meditation focusing on areas of the body to help support relaxation and calm. 

Spiritual Meditation

A focus on awareness of breath, covering breathing techniques, followed by a guided meditation. Sessions are based on the connection with the Divine, God, Universe or your own personal preference of connection. 

Chakra Meditation

A focus on breath through and a guided meditation through the chakra system and their associations to create a harmonious balance of wellbeing. 

You will need: Mat, Block, Pillow, Blanket, Water


Sessions are available In person, online live via Zoom or as a mobile service locally to Sidcup, Kent.  

Sessions & Fees

1:1 session   (45mins) 


Group session  (30mins)


You book by either messaging us directly or booking online. Payment details can be found on our contact page. T's & C's apply.

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