Breath & Meditation



Our breath & meditation sessions are a process of breathing and meditation techniques to enhance or begin a meditation practice. 

Meditation provides an appreciation of stillness and quieting the mind to reconnect with our inner self, deep within.  It encourages clearer insight, inner peace and a feeling of being in the present moment. The practice of meditation has been used for many years and has shown there are many benefits, these include:


  • Relaxation

  • Better control of emotions and increased positive emotion

  • Increased immune function

  • Pain reduction

  • Reduction in stress, anxiety and depression

  • Heightened focus and attention

  • Lengthens concentration span

  • Improved memory

  • Improved creative ability

  • Spiritual development

  • Improved sleep

The sessions use guided mediations and the awareness of building your own ability to meditate on your own.  We will also look at a breath and meditation technique that works for you. 

One to one meditation sessions are based on your individual need. A consultation will take place prior to the session to discuss whether you are looking for a more mindful or spiritual focus, or maybe both. Everyone's needs are different, so we are mindful and respectful of how we can support you. 


Mindful Meditation

Basic understanding of breath, the physical associations of breath, followed by a guided mindful meditation. 

Pregnancy Meditation

A focus on long deep breathing, followed by a guided body scan meditation releasing tension in areas of the body during your pregnancy, softening the tightness in the lower back and focusing on relaxing the whole body. 

Spiritual Meditation

A guided meditation, connecting deeper within.

Chakra Meditation

A guided meditation through the chakra system and their associations to create a harmonious balance of wellbeing. 

You will need: Pillow & Blanket


All meditation sessions are available at The School of Mindful Healing in Sidcup, Kent or Online via Zoom. 

Sessions & Fees

One to One    
£10.00 (30mins)                           

Book by messaging or calling directly via our contact page  T&Cs apply.