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Mindfulness Workshop

Our mindfulness workshop explores the concept of mindfulness, bringing a positive practice into your everyday living, whether this is at home or at work. Mindfulness can help with reducing stress and anxiety within yourself and situations.  
With a mindful approach, this workshop brings awareness, practical advice and tips to focus on being present in any given moment. Accepting thoughts, feelings and emotions with a non-judgmental outlook. Together, we can achieve a positive mental state when we become present, aware, open-minded, forgiving and accepting. Having an understanding helps with the moving forward process. 
Both theory and practical elements are carried out with a holistic approach to benefit the mind, body and soul.
One to One
Supporting your individual needs, together we will focus on the topics in the mindfulness workshop and work through any related issues to support living a mindful life.  
Mindfulness has shown to increase motivation, productivity and support mental health. 72% of GP's feel it would be helpful for some people with mental health issues to learn mindfulness skills. 81%  agree that ‘the fast pace of life and the number of things we have to do and worry about these days is a major cause of stress, unhappiness and illness in UK society. (Research by Practicing mindfulness as a group, you are able to share and support your experiences, and work through any of the topics together as a team. 
Ways to use this service
  • As a one off initiative
  • As a group event
  • Personal wellbeing
  • Mental health initiatives
Benefits of Mindfulness
  • Reduced stress, tension, anxiety and fatigue
  • Listen more attentively
  • Clearer and kinder communication
  • More empathic
  • More patience
  • Clearer focus, attention span and memory retention
Covered on the Day
  • Introduction to Mindfulness
  • Living a mindful life
  • I AM
  • Boundaries, self-discipline, values
  • Emotions, ego, stress
  • Balance for wellbeing
  • Mindful eating
  • Mindful meditation
Available in-person or online via video link.
Our Online service allows for flexibility if you are unable to get to us. We will be on the other end of the screen providing and supporting you with your workshop. Manuals, Handouts and a video link will be sent via email prior to your start date.
Sessions & Fees
£40.00  One to one 
90 minutes
Please contact for group or corporate events.

Book your appointment by filling out a contact form via our contact page  Once your appointment has been confirmed , please pay via Sumup or ask for details to pay by bacs.
We ask that cancellations are made 48hrs prior to your booked appointment with respect to someone else requiring a service or materials being purchased.
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