My Journey

Amanda Panayiotou

Welcome to The School of Mindful Healing.

The School of Mindful Healing is an independent school supporting women through Mindfulness and Spiritual wellbeing. 


We are always on a continuous journey of self discovery and learning from challenges and experiences we may face in our lives.

Amanda Panayiotou is the founder and owner of The School of Mindful Healing which she set up in 2020. Amanda's experience and learning of the beauty and holistic industry, started thirty years ago. Her spiritual experience is something that has always been with her from a young age.  

Within this ever changing world, holistic therapy services are becoming more popular and beneficial for our lifestyle and wellbeing.


Alternative and complementary therapies have always been part of Amanda's life, from generation to generation, with a strong maternal line of women, mostly from her Grandmother being a great inspiration with her homeopathy and healing abilities.

Helping and supporting people is something Amanda has always been passionate about which reflects in her work. Her spiritual and mindfulness journey has also supported her own wellbeing when faced with challenging times. 


Amanda's passion and purpose to help and support others is far greater with each day that follows, sharing knowledge for others to embrace their own journey of self discovery and reconnection with self. 


The holistic work Amanda uses is a combination of her studies, practices and experiences. 


Counselling Level 2 Certified, Mindfulness Diploma, Mental Health First Aider, Life Coaching Diploma, Reiki Master Teacher, Crystal Reiki Master, Ho’oponopono Practioner Jo Vitale Certified, Psychic Studies, Neuropsychology Diploma, Tantra Diploma, Kundalini Yoga Diploma, Therapy Journaling Diploma, Meditation Teacher Diploma, Spiritual Healing. 
"Inspirations happen everyday..... with these inspirations comes learning.....
the inspirations never end and so we continue...."

Amanda Panayiotou