Mindfulness Wellbeing Programme

The Mindfulness Wellbeing Programme has a therapeutic approach to support you on your personal journey of self-development and reconnection of 'self', by using a combination of mindfulness and spiritual practices. As a coach my aim is to help you unlock the answers you hold within, allowing your needs to reach their full potential.
The Mindfulness Wellbeing Programme was set up in 2018 by The School of Mindful Healing as part of a study to look in to different mindfulness and spiritual practices that showed positive benefits to peoples mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. The top five subjects covered that showed the highest benefits from the involved participants, were then used to put the Mindfulness Wellbeing Programme together.  
The aim of this programme is to give you an understanding of your authentic power, reconnecting to your true 'self', recognising external powers that make up your personality and how to balance them to be the essence of who you truly are. The programme supports your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing, providing tools and practical advice for you to work with, towards your goals and intentions. You will be inspired to grow and develop your inner passion and understand how the mind and ego work.  
Sometimes we can feel lost and confused with where we are going in our lives and what our purpose of 'being' truly is. You may already be familiar or have an understanding of some or all of the practices being covered, this knowledge can sometimes feel overwhelming and a sense of not sure why or what is happening. The aim is to set a practice from the knowledge you have learnt and incorporate in to your daily life as a way of being rather than doing. 
The programme runs over a period of six weeks in person or online live via zoom, enabling a weekly practice of the subject covered. Each session runs for approximately two hours covering discussion, course content & practical. 
You will receive the first manual subject prior to your first session, this follows on each week for all other subjects. 
Subjects Covered:
  • Wk1 Mindfulness - Living a mindful life, boundaries, self-discipline, values, emotions, ego, benefits, practical tasks, mindful meditation
  • Wk2 Breath & Meditation - Breathing techniques, awareness of breath and associations, meditations, benefits, practical
  • Wk3 Chakras - The seven chakras, history of chakras, chakra associations, the aura, chakra meditation
  • Wk4 Visualising, Affirmations, Intentions, Journaling - benefits, setting intentions, practical tasks, meditation
  • Wk5 Spiritual Awareness - Frequencies, spiritual energy, crossed paths, the three states of mind, spiritual clearing methods, meditation
  • Wk6 Bringing your practice together - Reflection of the past five sessions, sacred space, putting a practice together that works for you
The understanding of these subjects brings positive change and clarity to support you on your journey.  Your journey is your own, only you can truly want to bring positive change into your life. 
Sessions & Fees
This programme is available one to one at our Wellbeing Space, in Sidcup, Kent, Mobile or Online via Zoom/Messenger.
A £70 non refundable deposit is required on booking. You can book by messaging us directly via our contact page. You will receive an invoice regarding ways to pay. A payment plan is available, please ask for details. T&Cs apply.