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Past Life Regression

What is Past Life Regression?

Past life regression takes you on a journey to explore a past life using a form of relaxation therapy similar to that of a meditation. It is a deep yet alert state that encourages the mind to draw back the veil of separation between our subconscious, which is the part that remembers earlier parts of our existence, and that of the conscious mind. 


The experiences and memories that are housed and stored in our subconscious mind allows this experience to explore and discover root causes from past lives of habits or phobias, certain issues, feelings or emotions that you experience in this lifetime. They are your own personal stories with answers ready to be explained.

Past Life Regression is about personal growth and the meeting of the subconscious to provide a path for healing and understanding of where it is most beneficial at that time. 

How can Past Life Regression help me?

Sometimes we can feel stuck and relate things to our past which we feel holds us back. Exploring the past can help you transform the present,  maybe from past things that have been left and not dealt with like, past relationships, regrets, wisdom, achievements, mistakes and much more. 

As you explore these memories you will notice patterns that present themselves in this present lifetime. When we make the memory conscious we gain an understanding of what has been going on in your life, these memories can then be released and healed, breaking down negative memories and reinforcing the memories that are beneficial. 

What can I expect during my Past Life Regression session?

The session begins with a discussion on your reasons for Past Life Regression and what you would like to gain out of it. 

You will lay back on a couch where I will help you relax your mind and body so the connection of the subconscious and the memory of where you need to go to the most can begin.  I will then ask questions related to the memory in which you will be able to respond and answer to. When you are fully brought back to the conscious state, we will discuss your journey and anything that needs to be dealt with to gain understanding, healing and clarity. 

How long is the session?

The first session is 90 minutes and includes before and after discussion and the treatment. Any follow up sessions are 60 minutes. 

Fees & Sessions 
Past Life Regression first session (90 mins)                £95.00
Past Life Regression follow up session (60 min)          £65.00

ook your appointment by filling out a contact form via our contact page   Once your appointment has been confirmed, please pay via Sumup or ask for details to pay by bacs.
We ask that cancellations are made 48hrs prior to your booked appointment with respect to someone else requiring a service or materials being purchased.
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