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Psychic Development Workshop

Our Psychic Development workshop is for those who would like to learn and develop their psychic abilities in a safe and protectived environment. Through meditation techniques, you will be guided to open and connect to your intuitive mind and explore different psychic skills to develop your psychic abilities. Developing your psychic abilities will help enhance your awareness of the spirit world and your contact with the spirit realms.
The day will include both knowledge of theory and hands-on practical exercises. All we ask is that you come with an open mind and interest in learning to develop your psychic abilities. 
What you will learn:
Grounding & Protection
The 'Clair's'
Connecting with your spirit guide
Automatic Writing
Dowsing using a Pendulum
Oracle Cards
You will need to bring:
A pendulum
Set of Oracle cards
The workshop runs from 10am - 3pm at The School of Mindful Healing, Sidcup Kent DA15 9HL


On completion you will receive an IPHM Accredited Certificate. Your certificate is recognised and can be insured through IPHM International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine
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Sessions & Fees

Workshop Fee: £95.00
​Group Workshop: £75.00

Time: 10am - 2pm
Please bring your own lunch.
Available In-person.
Book your appointment by filling out the contact form via our Contact Page Once your appointment has been confirmed, you will receive an invoice to make payment. See T&Cs for cancellations.
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